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Find your bliss with Sumer Soulstice!

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Savory Bliss

Here at Sum'er This N Sum'er That, our daily goal is to create, package, and enjoy delectable organic vegan food. We love flavorful food, food that’s in season, and food that’s distinct. We only use organic produce and products, so that the food we serve you is as fresh and natural as can be.

Homemade Hummus


Sensual Bliss

As your Sensual and Wholeness Coach, I will guide you to re-connect with your internal fire. Working on opening up the pathway, to experience true sensual pleasure and wholeness. By boosting your innate confidence and potential, your sexuality and sensuality will effloresce.

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Spotless Bliss

We serve both residential and commercial clients, bringing cleanliness to every space we encounter. We guarantee excellent service every time, and promise that our cleaners are reliable and hardworking. We will respect and cleanse your space keeping your preferences in mind.

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"As an avid foodie, I am obsessed with Sum'er This N Sum'er That! I would literally become a full-pledge vegan if I could. Everything from her menu taste delicious; from her gourmet salad, to her chickpea stew, to her veggie burgers. It is amazing how plant based food can be so savory. The fact that I can eat delicious food without guilt is the best feeling ever! Thank you so much Sumer! You definitely have a loyal customer. I will be recommending all my friends and family!!!"

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“Renewed and what I feel every single time I have a session with Sumer. I had trouble with self-worth, taking time for self and loving self, feelings of need and lack, and most of all seeing my inner beauty as well as my external beauty. When I sit with Sumer through virtual is one aspect of the meeting of minds, but in her presence she radiates a love and heightened level of awareness, consciousness and energy that can only be felt. Her ability to show you whom you are gives light and meaning to another level of self, giving your eyes a whole new meaning of sight, your hands a whole new meaning of touch, and your breath a whole new meaning to life. Thank you Sumer Soulstice!”

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“I have been using Sumer Soulstice cleaning service now for almost 6 years! She's incredible specially her attention to detail. Never once I have any complaint when it comes to her work. Not a speck of dust is visible after her service. I use her on an "as needed " schedule, which works great for me since my daily schedule can be hectic. Whenever I schedule for an appointment, Sumer is always accommodating and try to work around my schedule. I would HIGHLY recommend her!!” 

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“Oh man where do I start. First off, it hasn't been the same since I started ordering my weekly meal prep from Sum'er This N Sum'er That. She has spoiled me because I can no longer find satisfaction from other vegan restaurants. Her food is made fresh daily! There's no such thing as leftovers. Everything is natural and 100% vegan. She only use the best ingredients, you can tell by how the food taste. All I want to say is thank you Sumer for changing my lifestyle!"

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“Working with Sumer is amazing! She has made me more aware of my male energy, by understanding my emotional and spiritual self. As a man, it is easy to think activities like self-care is not important, but she has made me realize that this is needed to be a well-rounded man. I am looking forward to our continued work about self-love and care with her.” 

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“Sumer Soulstice is the best. She is meticulous when it comes to deep-cleaning. She cleaned the kitchen appliances and bathroom so well that everything looked astonishingly brand new. Our heavily travelled living room area rug has never looked this clean since we bought it several years ago. She also deep cleaned our new airbnb home rental which was offensively dusty and filthy. Sumer is very professional and thorough! I highly recommend Spotless Bliss from
Sumer Soulstice.” 

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