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Embrace your Sensuality

Wellness Coaching

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Blissings! I'm SumerSoulstice

i am your Real and Raw Sensual Wholeness Coach. I assist those seeking to Release what no longer serves them, allowing them to re-connect with their internal fire, opening up the pathway to experience true sensual pleasure and wholeness. My mission is to help one Soul at a time create a safe space for Sensual Healing & Wholeness. Are you ready to Embrace the true You?

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Your Coaching Session Awaits...

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Intimacy Coaching

Liberate your mind & set your Spirit free with this 6 week course Learning the

Art of Intimacy

I Like it RAW Coaching

Are you ready to stop letting the PAST control your PRESENT? Are you ready to transform your life and LIVE authentically?

Sensuality Coaching

Renew the love for yourself &

Reconnect with the Divine Feminine within..

What People Are Saying...

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Kia S.

I was so excited

to book  Sumer Soulstice to speak

at one of my events! We truly

Enjoyed her, just simply amazing! The women that listened on to her words of wisdom sat in awe and were blown away as she poured into our souls! We left encouraged uplifted and understanding just a little bit more about ourselves as individuals! I am looking forward to the next opportunity to hear her speak again!  Thank You Sumer! 


~Kia Thornton Founder of Mommy Power 

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Edgar F.

Working with Sumer is amazing!  She has made me more aware of my male energy, by understanding my emotional and spiritual self. As a man, it is easy to think activities like self-care is not important, but she has made me realize that this is needed to be a well-rounded man. I am looking forward to our continued work about self-love and care with her.  


Edgar Freeman 

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Fatima T.

Renewed and Rejuvenated…


…is what I feel every single time I have a session with Sumer. I use all of her products and they have all benefited me in every aspect of my life. I had trouble with self-worth, taking time for self and loving self, feelings of need and lack, and most of all seeing my inner beauty as well as my external beauty. When I sit with Sumer through virtual is one aspect of the meeting of minds, but in her presence she radiates a love and heightened level of awareness, consciousness and energy that can only be felt. Her ability to show you whom you are gives light and meaning to another level of self, giving your eyes a whole new meaning of sight, your hands a whole new meaning of touch, and your breath a whole new meaning to life. She gives you life! 


Thank you Sumer Soulstice!