- About The Brand -

Sumer Soulstice was birthed 2 years ago straight from the heart  of Sumer a  38 year old single mother from MD, whose desire it has always been to spread an abundance of healing, wisdom, creativity and love to the Comm-unity. Inspired by the vastness of nature and all its beauty & healing properties, each product is made with love infused with good intentions & positive energy. Using only the Best Quality herbs, crystals, oils & all natural products to create each Bath Kit, Candle and Trinket Sumer creates a special little Peace of Earth for you! Handcrafted exclusively by her hands guarantees that each piece is created with what she calls "that good ole fashion Pride & Passion." Why the name Sumer Soulstice? Sumer, The founder & creator of the brand.  Soulstice  which are times of the year where cleansing, releasing, healing and renewal takes place, all the aspects that Sumer promotes in her everyday life. The soul is the truest essence of ones being, it is the authentic you. The Soul is Love. Sumer couldnt think of a better way to express the organic essence and the experience she wants to create for everyone with each product than by naming her company Sumer Soulstice. So whether your looking to create a lifestyle of peace and harmony for yourself, a little something for someone special or gift a friend or family member in need you can be sure to find it here @Sumer Soulstice.